Scooby-Doo! Clash Crash
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Developer Rocksteady Studios
Publisher Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Release Date N/A
Genre Action-Adventure
Rated T for Teen
Platforms Playstation 3

Xbox 360 PC Playstation 4

Xbox One
Media PS3 disk

PS4 disk PC disk Xbox 360 disk

Xbox One disk

 Scooby-Doo! Clash Crash is a brand new Scooby-Doo game from the makers of the Batman Arkham series. 

About Edit

Setting a darker feel to the famous Hanna-Barbera characters, Scooby and the gang are trapped in Mystery City, A place where everyone is at least one of the villians that Mystery Inc have faced in the past, including the Black Knight Ghost, The Creeper and so much more. Mystery Inc have to solve the mystery on who got them here and who they are...

Play as Mystery Inc to explore Mystery City, using gadgets such as a magnifying glass, Scooby Vision, tape recorder and a camera. 

Scooby Vision allows you to scan and renact crime scenes, such as murder or crashes 

The Magnifying Glass allows you to looks at various clues up close and personal 

The Tape Recorder allows you to eavesdrop on various suspect or leads on clues 

The Camera allows you to take pictures of suspects or clues to analyse them in the Mystery Machine. 

There is also a Stealth System which happens everytime a henchman or villian is nearby and you must sneak around to avoid them, if you get caught, the characters automatically run to a safe place. 

Cast Edit

  • Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo and Fred Jones
  • Scott Innes as Shaggy Rogers
  • Grey DeLise as Daphne Blake
  • Mindy Cohn as Velma Dinkley
  • Cory Doran as Michael Smith 
  • David Tennant as Mr Mystery 
  • Troy Baker as Various henchman, Black Knight Ghost, Dracula, Charlie the Haunted Robot 
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Redbeard, Headless Horseman 
  • John DiMaggio as The Creeper, 30 ft Shaggy, Werewolf, Various henchman
  • Steve Blum as Various henchman 
  • Fred Tastacoire as Various henchman, Ape-Man, Minotaur
  • David Kaye as The Sheriff 

Location  Edit

  • Mystery City, Coolsville

Trivia Edit

  • Mystery City is based on Arkham City 
  • Scott Innes returns to voice Shaggy, instead of Matthew Lillard 
  • Scooby will have more dialogue than his original incarnation but less than his Mystery Incorparated incarnation 
  • The character's movements were designed with Motion Capture and was flimed in Weta Workshop in New Zealand 

Sequels Edit

This game is the first game in a series, Frank Welker, Scott Innes, Grey DeLise, Mindy Cohn, David Tennant and Cory Doran reprise thier roles in the sequels. Kevin Conroy will also voice Batman in the sequel. 

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