The Coolsville Creature

Episode Info Edit

Episode The Coolsville Creature
Series Scooby-Doo! Coolsville Mysteries
Written by Decca03
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Previous Episode Menacing Mutant
Next Episode The Phantom of the City

The Coolsville Creature is the eleventh episode of the first season in Scooby-Doo! Coolsville Mysteries.


The Coolsville Zombie haunts Coolsville!


The gang is driving back to Coolsville from a vacation. A zombie runs past the window. Fred stops the van and asks the gang "What was that?" Nobody knows and Fred drives on. Two men named Chow and Chang greet the gang. They say that everybody in Coolsville is mad at them for being away, while The Coolsville Zombie attacked the town! Fred drives the van into Coolsville and tells them the zombie was The Coolsville Zombie, and that everybody in Coolsville could be the culprit. Velma says Chow and Chang are suspects too.

The gang enters Coolsville Cafe. The see Mix and Max. Mix and Max say they can't seem to solve the mystery of The Coolsville Zombie. They leave, dropping a glove by mistake. Velma runs out to return it, but they are already gone. Velma puts the glove in her pocket to return it later. She goes back inside and sees Scooby and Shaggy eating chocolate and drinking hot chocolate. The zombie enters and his gloved hand grabs Scooby, and runs away.

The gang split up to find Scooby. Shaggy and Velma are looking for Scooby. They open up a closet and see the zombie. He roars at them and the chase scene starts. Shaggy and Velma are running away from the zombie. They dress up as crazy people and give the zombie a fake brain. He starts eating it, and then realizes he's not a real zombie and continues chasing them. Fred and Daphne are running from the zombie. He falls into a swimming pool and they get away, ending the chase scene.


Cast and charactersEdit


  • The Coolsville Zombie


  • Everybody in Coolsville
  • Chow
  • Chang
  • Mix and Max




  • Coolsville
    • Coolsville Cafe


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