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Season 1Edit

  1. "The Genie With The Monster Soul"
  2. "Slime Down"
  3. "The Secret Snow"
  4. "Operation Sunny
  5. "The Distribute"
  6. "The Monster's Mayhem"
  7. "Price of Ghold"
  8. "Mainie Fiend" (2 Weeks From Tonight)
  9. "The illusion"
  10. "1345 US"
  11. "State of the Old Wicked Wildie Witch"
  12. "Curse of the Queen: Part 1"
  13. "Curse of the Queen: Part 2"
  14. "Love Trick"
  15. "Heart of Darkness"
  16. "Cameo's Stuart Evil"
  17. "The Boss Monster"
  18. "A Freaky Stable Boy From There's To The Return" (2 Weeks)
  19. "Calculate These Creaturie Creature"
  20. "Re-Monster"
  21. "That's Red as Blood"
  22. "The Thing You Love Most" (2 Weeks)
  23. "Storybook WOnderLAnd"
  24. "The Secret of Jiminy Cricket"
  25. "Pawn of Shadows"
  26. "The Freak Strikes Again"
  27. "The Son of Who?"
  28. "Trocle Mocle"
  29. "Potrait Pro."
  30. "Prince Charming" (3 Weeks)
  31. "The Dam"
  32. "Orphan" (5 weeks) (from the 2009 movie)
  33. "Deep Down Lives A Horror Town"
  34. "One Shark Two Shark Evil Shark"
  35. "The Fourty Tree Wink"
  36. ???
  37. ???

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