This is a synopsis of what would have happened in the cancelled episodes in season two of Scooby-Doo! Haunted Road.


  • Cash Creatures:
    • Five demons kidnap Daphne's pal Amy. The gang begins to investigate and they discover a group of smugglers who hated Amy vanished a few years ago. After setting a trap the gang unmasks the monsters as the smugglers and saves Amy.
  • I was a Teenage Golem:
    • Boy oh boy, I had epic plans for this one. The gang and Lee decide to go to the Golem Festival, but when Carte is kidnapped by a Golem and a wizard starts to transform people into Golems, it's not just fun! In the opening, two men are attacked by a wizard and transformed into Golems. The following day, the gang (with Lee, Drake, Carte, and Amy) goes to the Golem Festival. They meet a quirky man named Black who hates everything about the festival. They meet a magician named Red who will stop at nothing to get people to like him. They also meet a young woman called Grey. But the wizard and his Golem minions come and kidnap Carte. In the end it turns out Carte was behind the entire thing, but she says she doesn't know why she did it. Carte isn't arrested.
  • Chocolate Terrors:
    • Not much planned for this one. When Lee wins a contest he discovers the prize is to get a tour of a chocolate factory with two of his friends. He brings Scooby and Shaggy, but not all is as it seems! A chocolate monster is crawling through the place, waiting to pounce! That's basically it. The culprit was some teenage girl who wanted all the chocolate.
  • Good as Gold:
    • The gang goes to mine in Coolsville Mines, but they're interrupted when a gold monster, a silver monster, a ruby monster, a sapphire monster, and an emerald monster attempts to frighten them out. Nothing else really. Of course it shows Madman and Anthony preparing to bury Coolsville!
  • Lee and the Beanstalk:
    • A beanstalk has grown and Coolsville. And Lee decides to climb it. But after three days the gang goes looking for him and they discover a giant. The giant was really Lee's mom. At the end of the episode they rescue Lee. The ground shakes. And Coolsville starts flooding with dirt!
  • Haunted Road:
    • The Berserker is raging through Coolsville while it's buried. Anthony thinks it is madness now that he knows his Mystery Inc. won't destroy his dad. Anthony helps the gang get everybody out and the Berserker is buried. At the very end Coolsville isn't there. But the Berserker bursts out of the ground and roars "ANTHONY!" That would have led to a second season.

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