The following is a list of episodes of the first season of Scooby-Doo! Mysteries Around the World.



Image Title Number Airdate Monsters Suspects Culprits
Everybody Around the World 101 TBA TBA TBA TBA
Mystery Inc. is invited to participate in Everybody Around the World, a contest in which the prize is travel around the world!
Abra-Kidnap 102 TBA Hocus Pocus TBA TBA
The gang goes to Canada to a Ski resort where they find a crazy mage that is kidnapping the kids.
Zoinks! It's the Lava Ghoul! 103 TBA Lava Ghoul TBA TBA
When Mystery Inc. goes to Hawaii, they discover that a lava monster is terrorizing tourists.
A Bug Problem 104 TBA Mutant Beetle TBA TBA
A mutant beetle is contaminating the Amazon in Brazil.
The Super Dooby Bros. 105 TBA Cyber Terror TBA TBA
Mystery Inc. helps Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata with a monster virus that is destroying all Nintendo.
The Transmogrification of Mr. Willis 106 TBA Monstrous Mr. Willis TBA TBA
Fred and Daphne have the opportunity to become stars when a music producer calls them to New York. But that opportunity could be ruined when Scooby discovers that the producer is a monster...
Elfs and Thieves 107 TBA Evil Elfs TBA TBA
Brief description
A Very Old Music 108 TBA Pterodactyl TBA TBA
The gang is ready to go to the Vilanova International World Music Festival in Spain but they soon discover that a Pterodactyl wants to ruin the fest.
Dogs Ahoy! 109 TBA Scurvy Pirates TBA TBA
Brief description
Glutton Mummy Wants to Eat 110 TBA Glutton Mummy TBA TBA
Brief description
The Haunted Supermarket 111 TBA The Haunted Supermarket TBA TBA
Brief description
Big Mess in the Loch Ness 112 TBA The Loch Ness Monster TBA TBA
Brief description
Lost in the Swamp Maze 113 TBA Wamprog TBA TBA
Brief description
Vacations Are a Little Spooky: Part 1 114 TBA TBA TBA TBA
Brief description
Vacations Are a Little Spooky: Part 2 115 TBA TBA TBA TBA
Brief description


  • TBA

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