Here is a list of episodes in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Morning.

Season 1Edit

# Episode title Monsters Villains
1 "The Comic Book Creep" Red Raven Joe Trait
2 "Case of the Blue & Red Demons" Fire Demon and Ice Demon Weldon Brothers
3 "Here Comes the Beast" Weirdo of Wayland Amy Surt
4 "4 Faced Phantom" 4 Faced Phantom Hank McBank
5 "Ghostly West" Ghost Bandit (1) & Ghost Sheriff (2) Nate Fobs (1) Gate Hobs (2)
6 "Scooby-Dooby-Boo!" Ghost of Scooby-Boo Scooby-Dum
7 "The Kooky Captain Caper" Creepy Captain Lizzy Lant
8 "The 3 Big Pigs" 3 Big Pigs 3 Police Men
9 "When You See Fog You'll See a Demon Dog" Demon Dogs Mr.Nite
10 "Menacing Inc." Menacing Inc.: Wed, Waphne, Welma, Waggy, and Wooby-Woo Wed, Waphne, Welma, Waggy, and Wooby-Woo

Season 2Edit

# Episode title Monsters Villains
1 "When The Story is Told, The Creyure is Cold" Creyure Morton Meo
2 "Mime Your Own Business" Evil Mime Mrs.Mime
3 "Transylvania Trap" Vampire King James Jolly
4 "Griffin Shmriffin" Living Griffin Puppet Students
5 "Curse of The Living Castle" Ghost of Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot
6 "Hop Into Fire, Out Comes a Chirer" Chirers Hippies
7 "The Haunted INN" Creepy INN Keeper Ms.Topen
8 "The Link to Link" Ghost of Link the 1st Link the 99th
9 "Relp!" 5 Phantoms Wed, Waphne, Welma, Waggy, and Wooby-Woo
10 "What the Hay!" Scray Scarecrow Farmer

Season 3Edit

# Episode title Monsters Villains
1 "Fred in Bed Dreaming of the Dead" Zombies All a dream
2 "The Alligator Hoax" Mangator Gorge the Gator Expert
3 "Swamp Attack!" Frogman Harry
4 "C.O.L Industries" Creature of Land Professor Peabody
5 "The Secret of the Shadow Mannequin" Shadow Mannequin Sylvie Tenser
6 Day of the Shattered Carnival Scary Strongman Mr.Green
7 Scooby-Doo and a Haunted Castle, Too! (Based on "Scooby-Doo! and the Haunted Castle") Ghost of Ward Montgomery Chives
8 Frights or Lights Lifeless Light Bulb Electronics Store Owner
9 Aztec Curse Quetzalcoatl Jen
10 The Haunted Diner Ham Creatures Shaggy Rogers & Scooby-Doo

Season 4Edit

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