Here is a list of episodes in Scooby-Doo! New Ghost Faces!.

Season 1Edit

1.On Clown 9

2.Way of the Cupid

3.Gorilla Film Making

4.Of Ghouls & Fools pt1

5.Foolish but Ghoulish pt2

6.Wrath of the Flower

7.It's a Bog's Life

8.You Build More Traps With Money

9.Lord of the Scoobs

10.Your Not my Mummy!

Season 2Edit

1.The Warlock of Oz

2.2 Phantoms in a Pod

3.The Creepy Caper of Kalamazoo

4.The Bizarre Bizarre

5.Monster Maze

6.Hoo's Watching Owl

7.Win Mac, Win PC

8.8 Days to Town

9.Sky Island Pt1 pt1

10.Sky Island Pt2 pt2

Season 3Edit

1.Monster Mummy

2.School for Ghouls

3.The Horrible Hassle of Hollywood

4.The Jazz Devil pt1

5.Music Mayhem pt2

6.Bogey Boogeyman

7.Bicycle of Beast

8.TM Terror

9.My Best Fiend is a Demon

10.Man Bites Dog

Season 4Edit

1.Water You Doing

2.I Hear a Monster Lurking Near

3.Are You Crying, or Are You Dieing

4.The Magic Mist Monster

5.Ze Mistrial Mystery

6.Cracking Clocks pt1

7.The End of Tocks, but few Ticks pt2

8.Fanon Fright

9.Almost End

10.The Monsters or is It

Season 5Edit

1.Pa Pa Death


3.Sobbing Specter

4.Creepers the Queen

5.Revenge of Monsters

6.Early My Good Monster

7.We Are Men in Monster Suits

8.The Gang Doesn't Know, That Everything Ends pt1

9.Monsters R'us pt2

10.Mask of the Gang pt3

Season 6Edit

1.Don't Eat Me, I'm Just Food! pt4

2.The Ashes of Shadows pt5

3.Who is Mystery Inc. pt6

4.Back to the Beginning pt7

5.Once a long Time Ago

6.Monster Went Mad

7.Down the Path

8.Every Monster has a Map

9.Return of Old Monsters

10.The Haunted House of Horror

Season 7Edit

1.Gang Man

2.Where There's Smoke There's Fire Ghosts

3.Another Mother?

4.What is Calling

5.The Darkness is Coming p

6.Epic Gaming p

7.My Name is Nobody pt1

8.Nobody is Somebody pt2

9.The End is Soon pt3

10.Nobody's Wrath pt4

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