Here is a list of monsters and episodes in Scooby-Doo! Unmask the Monster.

Season 1Edit

1.The Grass is Always Meaner on the Other Side Villain: Ghost of Garry Grass

2.The Mystery of the Glowing Creature Villain: The Glowing Ice-Creature

3.My Mother Made a Monster Villain: Ghost of Ma Hui

4.Blank Villain: Giant Pencil and Giant Eraser

5.Soda of Monsters Villain: Sick Specter

6.Them Men Villain: 2 Zombie Men

7.Under The Wave Villain: Ghost of Copy Hobs

8.Mystery Ink vs Mystery Inc Villain: Mystery Ink

9.H.V.S my H.V.S Villain: Horrible Villain Slug

10.Water Crab Villain: Giant Blue Crab

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