Scooby-Doo! and the Year of the Emperor's Dragon is an upcoming Scooby-Doo direct-to-dvd animated movie. The film will bring the Mystery Gang to Shanghai as they celebrate the Chinese New Year, but things go out of control when an ancient emperor returns and as well his pet dragon.


Scooby and the Mystrey Gang head to Shanghai for its annual Chinese's New Year celebration after a friend of Velma's invited them to not only celebrate the new year but to experience the culture of one China's largest and most popular cities.

As they begin their culture tour, they soon notice this is the 'Year of the Dragon' and Shaggy and Scoob already has goosebumps. Soon their fear is realize when inhabitants notice a large black/red dragon flying the skies and realizes to the gang and the cityfolks that this dragon is actual a real fire-breathing creature.

Fearing for their safety, the city folks hide while Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma's friend, Chan tries to uncover what is going on and they soon learn by a Confusius-like old man that this dragon they saw was the gaurdian of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang and that after his death he cursed his dynasty which is now Shangai, that every year which is hosting the dragon his spirit will haunt everyone as he set to one day raise his Terracotta Army back to life.

Upon learning of this, the gang quickly discovers that this is a major mystrey one they never expected and two their friend, Chan, is missing. Scooby and the gang race against from the entire Shangai area to the Great Wall of China to the actual site of the Qin Dynasty as they search for clues to solve one of their most epic mystries yet...but their case hits a major obstacle when they encounter the emperor's dragon, Bin-Yin.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo, Fred Jones
  • Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers
  • Grey DeLisle as Daphne Blake
  • Mindy Cohn as Velma Dinkley
  • John Cho as Chan
  • Keone Young as Emperor Qin Shi Huang
  • Ken Jeong as Old Man
  • Jim Cummnings as Bin-Yin
  • Nicole Sullivan as Jasmine
  • Patrick Warburton as Honest Ed
  • Tara Strong as
  • Chris Edgerly as Marcus
  • John DiMaggio as Captain Stew

Featured villainsEdit

  • Emperor Qin Shi Huang
    • Bin-Yin

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