Scooby-Doo's Creepy Creeper Crash
Developer Heavy Iron Studios
Publisher THQ
Release Date November 30, 2013
Genre Action/Adventure
Rated E for Everyone
Platforms Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
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Previous Game Scooby-Doo's Haunted Racing
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Scooby-Doo's Creepy Creeper Crash is a video game by Redo. It is also the second of the "Scooby-Doo's..." game series.


An army of Creepers and other monsters are attacking Coolsville, and it's up to Scooby-Doo and the gang to stop them! 


Character WeaponsEdit

  • Fred - Chains to tie up and whip and a heavy punch.
  • Daphne - a mirror to blind the creepers and a karate kick to knock them of balance.
  • Velma - a heavy kick and twist plus a punch.
  • Shaggy - An umbrella to swing plus a lot of kicking.
  • Scooby-Doo - A tail whip, a kick, a punch, bite, and also can dig up dust at the enemies.


  • Rocky Point Beach
    1. Beach: Area 1
    2. Waters: Ar. 1
    3. Ghost Ship: Ar. 1, Mini-Boss
    4. Beach, Part 2 (Night): Ar. 1, Boss
  • Funland
    1. Midway: Ar. 1, Ar. 2
    2. Tunnel of Love: Ar. 1
    3. Hall of Mirrors: Ar. 1, Ar. 2, Mini-Boss
    4. Roller Coaster Ride: Boss
    5. Funland Chase
  • Coolsville
    1. Downtown: Ar. 1, Ar. 2, Ar. 3
    2. Malt Shop: Ar. 1, Mini-Boss
    3. Downtown, Part 2: Ar. 1, Ar. 2, Boss



Boss Type Area Attacks
Coastal Kook Mini-Boss Ghost Ship Shoots chemicals, very agile, Seaweed whips.
Sandy Creeper Boss Beach, Pt. 2 Throws balls of sand, controls quicksand, summons crabs.
Mirror Man Mini-Boss Hall of Mirrors Summons clones of you to attack, creates illusions, throws mirror shards.
Midway Creeper Boss Roller Coaster Ride Has extendable arms, shakes roller coaster/speeds it up.
Malt Shop Creeper Mini-Boss Malt Shop Throws empty glasses at you, fires ice cream, throws waffle cones, chairs and tables.
Creepiest Creeper Boss Downtown, Pt. 2 Fires lasers, summons multiple Creeper minions (common Creepers), Has a large body


The common Creepers that appear throughout the game are:

  • Regular Creepers - The same kind of Creeper from the original show and has basic melee attacks.
  • Water Creepers - Attack with water blasts and uses waves to wash up the competition. If you trick it into blasting a Fire Creeper, it will be extinguished.
  • Fire Creepers - Creepers made of fire, they shoot fire balls and have a dangerous heat wave irradiating from them. Water Creepers can be tricked into extinguishing them.
  • Ice Creepers - The coolest Creepers around, they shoot ice and freeze you for a moment if you're hit. You can trick them into hitting other Creepers and freezing them.
  • Mega Creepers - Twice as big, and twice as creepy, these Creepers pack a punch.
  • Mutant Creepers - These Creepers are mutant and will shoot toxic chemicals at you.
  • Feral Creepers - Close cousins of the Mutant Creeper, these Creepers are feral and extremely dangerous.
  • Armies - These creepers are nearly the same as Regular Creepers, only they attack in groups of 4-6 Creepers and have chains to whip with, too.
  • Shapeshifting Creepers - If you thought the others were bad, try dealing with all of them at once! This creeper shifts forms at random into all other forms of common creepers, with all of their abilities. Before it attacks, it appears to be a Regular Creeper. But the way you can spot the difference is these ones have a much darker green coat.

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