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Here is a list of episodes in Scooby-Doo's New Show.

Season 1Edit

# Episode Air date
1 The Deep Ghoul Sea August 10th, 2013
2 It Comes, It Goes, the Creature Glows August 17th, 2013
3 Cruising for Bruising August 24th, 2013
4 Planted Evidence August 31st, 2013
5 The Monster of Magic September 7th, 2013
6 The Spirit of Snow September 14th, 2013
7 Mystery Mansion September 21st, 2013
8 The Ghost of Sheriff James September 28th, 2013
9 Hacking October 5th, 2013
10 Scooby-Dooby-Doom October 12th, 2013
11 Maze of Monsters October 19th, 2013
12 Two Phantoms Too Many October 26th, 2013

Season 2Edit

# Episode Air date
1 The Scooter Spook August 2nd, 2014
2 The Witch Doctor of Coolsville August 9th, 2014
3 Hounds in the House August 16th, 2014
4 Scooby-Clue August 23rd, 2014
5 Terror Island August 30th, 2014
6 Mystery Mayhem September 6th, 2014
7 Small Feet, Bigfoot September 13th, 2014
8 Duke Days September 20th, 2014

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