Number Title Culprit Guest Stars Setting Writer Plot
1. The Case Of The Eleven Rings. TBA. Scrappy Doo. A church. User:POMfannumber1. Scooby Doo has to babysit Scrappy Doo. Meanwhile, Fred and Daphne go to a wedding but find that the rings are missing. Over the next week, the gang attend a few weddings, all with missing rings...

Christmas SpecialEdit

Number Title Culprit Guest Stars Setting Writer Plot
1. Christmas, A Time To Look Back. TBA. Scrappy Doo, Shaggy's parents and grandparents, Fred's parents, Velma's mum and auntie and Daphe's parents, grandparents and uncles. London. User:POMfannumber1. Christmas is near and everyone has family coming round. But someone is building the Death Sphere which can cause chaos in the city.

Season 1Edit

Season 1
Number Title Culprit Guest Stars Setting Writer Plot
1. Feeling Lucky. TBA. Professer Kroll and Dr. Sismark. London. User:POMfannumber1.

Shaggy enters Professer Kroll's competion to who can design the best teleport. But someone takes control of his assiant Dr.Sismark's brain. He now wants to use Shaggy's design to kill Professer Kroll....

NOTE: First death of Professer Kroll.

4. The 24 Hour Toy Store. TBA. Scrappy Doo. Fun Fun Fun! shop. User:POMfannumber1. Scooby and Scrappy go to the new 24 hour toy store. When they spend too much time there, they are trapped in the lift, going underground several miles. It turns out the culprit feeds on thier love for toys...
6. The Return Of Professer Kroll. TBA. Professer Kroll, Dr. Sismark and Danny Doo. London. User:POMfannumber1. Dr.Sismark builds a copy of Professer Kroll. Scooby messes around with the copy machine and constructs a new younger self. Danny then accidentally creates an evil copy. Whose got the copy?
7. The Comic Book Company. TBA. Scrappy Doo. The Comic Panel. User:POMfannumber1. Scooby and Scrappy go to the comic shop. Thier favorite super hero comes to life.
8. Part Self. TBA. Danny Doo and Dr.Sismark. London. User:POMfannumber1. The whole gang meet Danny and his owner Dr.Sismark. When Danny disappears, Dr.Sismark goes around the world to find him. But Dr.Sismark keeps appearing in other forms... NOTE: In this episode, Fred, Velma and Daphne are dropped from the show.
9. Family Matters. TBA. NA. New York. User:POMfannumber1. Scooby finds his long lost son Beachy Boo. Dogs are going missing everywhere and it's up to Scooby with his team of Shaggy, Scrappy, Danny and Beachy! NOTE: From this episode on, the gang is Scooby, Shaggy, Scrappy, Danny and Beachy.
10. The Case Of The Robot Spider. TBA. Professer Kroll and Dr.Sismark. Main-Ten High School. User:POMfannumber1. Professer Kroll and Dr.Sismark are now teachers at Shaggy's school. But when a class expriment goes out of control, well you know the rest.. NOTE: Second death of Professer Kroll.
13. The Case Of The Acting Actors.

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