Scooby-Doo Movie: The Power of One, released in Japan as Sansei the Movie: Revelation Lugia (三世映画:ヨハネの黙示録のルギア)


Voice CastEdit

Japanese Actor English actor Characters
Yōsuke Akimoto Scott Innes Scooby Doo/Sansei
Momoko Kikuchi Shaggy Rogers/Sōsuke
Chinami Nishimura Ariana Grande Daphne Blake/Misūke
Inuko Inuyama Frank Welker Fred Jones/Himekō
Shinobu Adachi B. J. Ward Velma Dinkley/Kimiko
Veronica Taylor Ash Ketchum
Delia Ketchum
Rachael Lillis Misty
Eric Stuart Brock
Ikue Ōtani Pikachu
Satomi Kōrogi Togepi

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