1. Season 3 and episodes have been confirmed!
Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary Culprit
53 Craping Crimson 8th, 2014? The gang discovers there are more mysteries to solve when the entire town of crystal cove starts getting painted with crimson paint. Ricky Denver (Reason: He was bullied by people who hated crimson, so he decided to paint their houses that color)
54 Fantom Phantom ???? 9th, 2014 Crystal cove is haunted by the legendary fantom phantom so the gang must uncover the secrets of the old tomb. Stella Mys (Reason: Stella loved Fantom Phantom and wanted to bring him to life. At the end she is shocked she is getting arrested and gets mad)
55 Backward Shock part 1 ???? 3rd, 2014 The gang is warped back in time by the Clockwork Creep and they must save themselves and all of reality!

Revealed in a later episode

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more episodes will be announced soon!