Scooby-Doo and The Werewolf of Mooncrest Hill
The Scooby-Doo gang is on their way to go camping in a random forest when they are told a story about a werewolf terrorizing a village called Mooncrest Hill. So, they go to investigate. When they arrive at the town they go into a local restaurant to ask about the werewolf. They are more than surprised by the answer they receive. There is indeed a werewolf terrorizing the village. And this time the werewolf is real. As usual, the gang investigates the mystery of the werewolf of Mooncrest Hill. They search around town for clues and go into the forest looking for clues there as well. As they are out in the forest they notice the sun is setting, so they set up camp for the night. Later that night they awake to howls and the sounds of tree branches cracking. When the noises cease, they search the area around their campsite and find a cave. When they go inside, they find that the werewolf has captured some of the townsfolk. Before they can release the townsfolk, they hear the werewolf coming inside. So they must hide. They see the werewolf doing something strange. But what is it doing??

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