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Scooby Doo! Mysterious Clues

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Black
Occupation Amateur sleuth
Affiliation Mystery Inc. (formerly)
Family Scooby-Doo (cousin)
Scrappy-Doo (nephew)
Dada-Doo (father)
Mumsy-Doo (mother)
Ruby Doo (cousin)
Yabba-Doo (brother)
Played By {{{played by}}}

Scooby-Dum is a silvery-white Great-Dane that likes to investigate with his magnifying glass. Scooby-Dum's name comes from a combination of Scooby-Doo and his catchphrase: Dum dum dum DUM!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Scooby-Dum looks similar to Scooby-Doo, the biggest difference is that Scooby-Dum is white, instead of brown, and wears a red hat. Scooby-Dum also has two square bucked teeth, and wears a red collar with a circular medallion that has a red line through it.


Scooby-Dum loves his cousin very much, and vise versa. They even created a special handshake, involving Doo saying Scooby-Dum!, then Dum saying Scooby-doobie-Doo!, then do the special shake.

Whenever Scooby-Dum hears the word "Clue", he pulls out a magnifying glass and says his catchphrase, "Dum dum dum DUM!", in the same tones as the first four notes of Beethoven's fifth symphony.

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