the gang takes a trip to spain
Scooby doo! and the evil of the efreet
to see an old friend but are attacked by a legendary fire genie called an efreet


two spanish kids are playing ball on a mountainside. a mountain-shake causes the ball to fall off onto a cliffhanging stick "go get it!" says the one kid it was coming toward. "ok, fine" says the throwing kid. He hikes down the mountainside but another shake makes him become a cliffhanger. he faintly sees a reddish genie figure shaking the mountain "EFREET!!!" yells the cliff hanger. "AIEEEE!" yells the other kid. the run down the mountain without their ball and run away! "MUAHAHAHAHA" calls the efreet as they dissappear.

Shaggy is running from a Ice phantom. Fred springs a trap and reveals the ice phantom to be velma`s cousin Oran. "another mystery solved" (fred) "Oran???" (velma) "duh. to increase flamethrower sales" (Daphne) "And i would have gotten away with it too if it wasnt for you meddling kids!" (Oran)

taking an break from editing


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