Scooby Doo! Lost Clues is the brand new animated series following Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated. This season the gang is spending the summer at a resort known as Shady Lakes Resort owned by Daphne's great uncle Stanley. The gang notices the Shady Lakes Resort is getting bad reps due to so many monster sightings. Anything could happen in the resort. The season is set for 2 seasons and 60 episodes.

Casting &nbspEdit

Frank Welker- Scooby Doo (voice), Fred (voice)

Grey DeLisle- Daphne (voice)

Matthew Lillard- Shaggy (voice)

Mindy Cohn- Velma (voice)

Great Uncle Stanley

Season 1Edit

1. "Fun in the Sun With a Psyco"

2. "Voices"

3. "Dry as a Dryad"

4. "Dogzilla"

5. "That's One Big Foot"

6. " Oracle"

7. "Sink Your Teeth Into this Episode"

8. "Where's Wolfie"

9. "You've Met the Reaper"

10. " Flying Demon"

11. "The Lost Election"

12. "Shocking Episode"

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