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Episode Number Title North American Airdate European Airdate Villain Costumed Person
1 "This Knight of Fright is no Delight" December 11, 2011 December 12, 2011 Silver Knight John the Museum Guard
2 "Luna Lander" December 18, 2011 December 19, 2011 Creeponaut Silver Starr
3 "The Dynamic uh-Oh!" December 25, 2011 December 26, 2011 Flat Man
Pigeon, Boy Blunder
Comet Ickles
Collin Ectible
4 "King of Catastrophes" Janurary 1, 2011 January 2, 2011 King Aknuu
Ghost of Sir Eval
5 "Fast Food Fright" Janrary 8, 2011 Janruary 9, 2011 Giant Burger
Giant Fry
Giant Chicken
Giant Hotdog
Giant Soda
Professor Maigro

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