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The Revenge of RevoltaEdit

Shaggy: So! scooby

Scooby: Whats new!

Fred: I like this restraunt!

Sibella: Hi shaggy! fangtastic to see you here

Shaggy: Sibella! Its so good to see ya

Velma:You know shaggy there`s a...

........ em...... Well!

Sibella: Can i stay at your mansion!

Shaggy: ok hope in!

(Fred meets Sibella)

Daphne: Whos that freds talking to!

Overhears confersation!

Sibella: date and a...

Daphne: wait what! oh no she didn`t?

(Later at Revolats castle)

Revolta: Now! my grim crepper now`s the time!

Grim Crepper: Yes Revolta!

Revolta: When I get those grimwood girls in my grasp i will get revenge!

At Mystery Incoperated Mansion!

Sibella: Where can i sleep?

Shaggy: In the coffin ok!

Sibella! ok my dad dracula knows where i am!

Phantasma: Lookily that i came!

(Shaggy gets surprised eyes)

Youre all here

Grimwood girls: Yes!

Shaggy: Oh no! its like Grimwood Ghouls all over again!

Daphne: Listen you! Stop crushin on my guy or i will? em?

Sibella: What do you mean I?

Shaggy: Don`t get mean daphne!

(Scooby sees Spiderbat, revolta and grim crepper spying)

Scooby: Wait... 3...2...1...WHAT!

Shaggy: Whats up scoob?

Scooby: Helota! Revolta!

Shaggy: What about her? we defeated her long time ago?


Velma: Whos revolta?

Winnie: Ok! im howlling out to bed!

About five or six in the morning!

Phantasma and Elsa: Must obey Revolta!

Tanis: I hope im safe!

Tanis: Must obey revolta!

Winnie: Must obey revolta!

Sibella! Oh no im next!

Sibella: Shaggy.. Must me...Revolta! Must obey Revolta

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