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Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated Season 3
Premiere Airdate March 25, 2014
Premiere Episode The Blues
Original Network Cartoon Network
Running Time 25 minutes
Seasons 3
Episodes 26
Previous Series Shaggy and Scooby-Doo get a clue!
Next Series  ?

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated Season 3 is the third season of "Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated".


Mystery Incorporated returns to Crystal Cove after visiting Miskatonic University and strange things start to pick back up in the town as a curse from eons ago is awakened. It casts evil over the town and the mysteries starts to pick up. Now Mystery Inc. has to convince the townspeople that an Evil Entity almost destroyed the town before and destroying it altered history, so they can prevent it from causing destruction to the world. Now Scooby-Doo and the Gang have to stop the curse and solve other new mysteries along the way.





1. The Blues

2. The Feather Falls

3. The Library of the Dead

4. Rule of the Goblin King

5. Garden of the Sprite

6. The Magnetic Connection

7. Rise of the Werewolf

8. Fritz of the Motherboard

9. Curse of the Candy Man

10. The Glowing Gorgon

11. The Sticky Situation

12. Arrow of the Archer

13. Down the Drain

14. Bridge of the Troll

15. The Good and the Bad

16. The Camouflage of Mystery

17. Ride of the Motorcycle Menace

18. The Elementals

19. The Money of Life

20. The Gleaming Gold

21. Cold of the Night

22. Vines of the Jungle

23. The Dead Sea

24. The Stairs

25. The Cursed Caverns

26. The Destruction

27. Happy Birthday Scooby Doo

28.Scooby Doobies Music Concert


Monsters UnmaskedEdit

The Blue Ghost : Mayor Janet Nettles

The Thunderbird : John Middleton

The Evil Librarian : Ms. Kinger

The Goblin King : Larry Coxes

The Sprite : Jane Tony

Lodestone : Orgal von Gin

The Werewolf : Mary Liche

The Techno Terror : Dewey Cano

The Candy Man : Max J. Angra

The Glow Worm : Ray Olotto

The Spider : Mo Muffek

The Archer : Shuper Lowan

The Nymph : Gallee Love

The Troll : Chuck

The Angel : Crio Sossa

The Chameleon : Michael Pok

The Motorcycle Menace : Clyde Walsh

The Elementals : Up' and their manager Raven

The Mothman : Amy Blake

The Golden Godess : Kasey Greene

The Penguin Beast and The Skua Creature : Franky and Ferry

The Devil Monkey : The Veterinarian

The Zombie Pirate : Skipper Shelton (Sardiner)

The Orange Blob : Mason Triu

The Crystal Creature : Susan Ole Cariee

The Giant : Crystal Cove Citizens

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