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Here are the list of episodes featured in Scooby-Doo! Team-Up 

Season 1 Edit

  • Vengeance of The DaleksThe Doctor
  • Dr Mordecai and Mr Rigby- Mordecai and Rigby 
  • Myth-Busted!- The Mythbusters 
  • Race to the Border- Top Gear 
  • Cat vs Dog- Gumball and Darwin 
  • Riddles for a Bat- Batman and Robin 
  • Haunted Avengers- The Avengers 
  • Space Scares- Guardians of the Galaxy 
  • Pirate Booty- Captain Jack Sparrow 
  • It's All Fun and Games- Wreck-It-Ralph and Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Transform and Roll Out- The Transformers 
  • The Mystery of Adventure- Finn and Jake 

Season 2Edit

Season 3 Edit

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