Scooby Doo! Thundering Movie is the brand new live- action movie following Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed. The cast remains the same. The movie is about a god, Zeus, is terroizing Coolsville with non stop lightning and thunder. Thus Elextrika is formed from the monster making process of Zeus's lightning.


Frank Welker- Scooby- Doo (voice), Elextrika (voice)

Sarah Michelle Gellar- Daphne Blake

Matthew Lillard- Shaggy Rogers

Linda Cardelinni- Velma Dinkley

Freddie Prinze, Jr- Fred Jones

Peter Boyle- Jeremiah Wikkle

Seth Green- Patrick Wisely


At the beginning of the movie Shaggy and Scooby are seen being chased by a goblin like creature causing them to fall into Fred's trap with the goblin escaping but get's caught by Sheriff Garrett. All the people were laughing at Mystery Inc. as they got into the Mystery Machine. It begins to rain.

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