Season 1Edit

Episode no. Title Of Episode Monster Culprit Of Mystery
1. A Fine Just to Dine? Haunted Table Resteraunt Manager
2. Amusement Park is no Place For a Lark Monsterous Lark Police men Gilbert (Got tired of guarding the Park by hand and used the costume to scare people away after hours)
3. Facts With an Axe That's Got Your Backs Axe Dragon Castle Guard
4. Scooby Doo, Where Did You Go? Evil Scooby Doo's

Robot Scooby Doo

Scooby Costume

Police Men Singah (Controled robot and was the costume.)

5. Fright on a Tour Bus Night Mysterious Tour Bus Passenger #4 (Pretended to be scared as he controlled the bus with his romote that was disguised as a camera)
6. A GI-ANT problem Monstrous Fire ant Jena
7. Hex Girl Showdown

Drum Monster Guitar Monster

Keyboard Monster




8. A scooby Doo St. PatriCKS Shamrock St. Patrick festival owner
9. Chain Down That Fengerblein! Fengerblein Selia
10. Like, Don't Lion A liger! Liger Miss. Webberocks
11. A Lie for a Merlin! Merlin Diver Fiona
12. Bail, a Basilisk! Basilisk Thanksgiving Fest Husband and Wive Jerry and Karen
13. Ahool Ahoy! Ahools Kid twins Albert and Andy
14. Feathers on a Serpent Quetzalcoatl Jenica

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