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Scooby Doo's Birthday and Laff-A-Lympics Reunion Party


One Evening Scooby Doo Was On His Way To A Party To See His Laff-a-Lympics Friends Like Yogi Bear, Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels, Blue Falcon And Dynomutt, And The Hosts Of The Lympics Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf. Shaggy And Scooby Dum Were Already At The Party. " R Rant wait to see my Friends ragain" Said Scooby Walking Down The Street. Inside The Bar Where the Party Was Held Everybody Was Happy To See Each Other. Mostly Everybody Were Waiting to See Scooby. Snagglepuss Held Up A Microphone To His Mouth and Said " Don't Worry Everyone, Scooby Will Be Here Soon, When He Opens The Door Will Give Him A Surprise" (I Didn't tell you it was also Scooby's Birthday).Shaggy was Worried "Man I Hope Scoob Is Alright" He Said. "Me Too I'm Excited To See Him Again" Said Fred Flintstone.All The Girls Were Very Excited To See Scooby-Doo Again Except Daisy Mayhem. Barney Opened The Door And Saw Scooby Coming He Closed The Door Quickly And Shouted " QUICK EVERYONE HE'S COMING ". "Thanks Barney" Said Mildew Wolf. "EVERYONE HIDE". Everyone Went To Find A Hiding Place Yogi Turned Off The Lights. Scooby Opened The Door And It Was Pitch Black "R'its Dark In rere" He Said. He Walked In And Yogi Turned The Lights On. "SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND REUNION SCOOBY" They Shouted. Scooby Was Absolutely Surprised "R'Oh R'Everybody I Knew You Wouldn't Forget About Re" He Said. Snagglepuss and Mildow Went Up To Scooby And They Shook His Paws And Hugged Him "Of Course We Wouldn't Forget You Scooby Doo" They Said. R'and Rhanks For Remembering My Birthday" Scooby Said. Shaggy Went Up To Him And Hugged Him " Happy Birthday Scoob Ol Buddy" He Said. Scooby Dum Did The Same." Scooby Doo Great to See You Again" Said Fred Yogi and Dynomutt. The Teen Angels, Debbie, And Cindy Bear Even Gave Scooby Kisses All Over His Face Scooby Had Lipstick All over His Face Scooby Blushed. Brenda Taffy And Dee-Dee Skyess Each Gave Scooby A Kiss And A Tight Hug " Great To See Scooby" Said The Teen Angels. "Rood Ro Ree You Too Reen Rangels" He Said. Debbie Walked Up To Scooby Kissed Him On The Nose And Gave Him A Big Tight Hug "Happy Birthday Scooby Good To See You Again" Giving Him One More Kiss. Cindy Bear Did The Same. Blue Falcon Rubbed Scooby On The Head and Said " Happy Birthday Scooby Doo" He Said. "R'Thanks Rlue Ralcon" Said Scooby. Dynomutt Gave Scooby Doo A Hug Too And Said "Good To See You Scooby Doo". " Thanks Rynomutt" Scooby Said Hugging His Hero Back. Captain Caveman Hugged Scooby Tightly "SCOOBY DOO" He Yelled." We Love You Scooby Doo" The Girls Said. " R'this ras Reen The Best Birthday And Reunion Ever" "SCOOBY DOOBY DOOOOOO" Scooby Howled. Everyone Laughed

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