Summary Edit

This series of Scooby Doo is a Live- Action series including the original Scooby Doo cast. This season the gang is faced by a new challenge later on in the season. A creation of monsters will be after the gang as they find clues to solve the big picture. This season will be very big.


Freddie Prinze, Jr. - Fred Jones

Sarah Michelle Gellar- Daphne Blake

Matthew Lillard- Shaggy Rogers

Linda Cardelinni- Velma Dinkley

Frank Welker- Scooby Doo (voice)

Episode List- Season 1Edit

1. "Skeleton Guardian"

While the Mystery Machine breaks down by a hotel the gang is welcome to stay by the manager Margery Lipton the owner. Rumors have been spreading around the hotel about a ghost skeleton dressed in shiny armor. He is the ghost of the Skeleton Guardian. One night while Shaggy and Scooby are enjoying the 24 hour Buffet they spot the Skeleton Guardian. Scared out of their socks they run to Velma, Fred, and Daphne. The gang comes back to the buffet not finding the Skeleton Guardian. Fred decides to make a trap because Velma had a hunch she knew who the Skeleton Guardian was.

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