Scooby doo's big adventure is a new series based around the gang and their new friends, It includes the original gang plus New characters the episodes run similarly to scooby doo where are you.
Scooby doo's big adventure!
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Original Network Cartoon network
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Seasons 6
Episodes 15 each
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Next Series The new scooby show


  • Fred jones: Fred jones is the leader and currently in a relationship with daphne, He wears a striped t-shirt with blue jeans and brown loafers
  • Daphne blake: Daphne blake is a very fashionable girl, She doesn't necessarily use her money but seems to be interested in weird things like puppets and mustaches, Daphne wears a pink shirt with a light purple sweater and stockings.
  • Velma dinkley: As the brains of the group velma is responsible for all the tech in the mystery machine and their tasting labs, She wears a dark red skirt glasses and an orange shirt.
  • Shaggy rogers: One of two cowards in the group shaggy rogers is usually either holding scooby or stuffing his face with food, The doctors say he might need to stop usual he doesn't, He wears his casual green shirt with red pants and black sneakers
  • Scooby doo: Scooby doo is their sort of "mascot" and the pet of shaggy, Like his partner above scooby loves eating and easily gets scared by things like ghost, He also tends to throw people off with his disguises
  • Scrappy doo: Puppy power!, Scrappy doo is now a fully fledged member of the mystery inc, With this he hangs with toni who shows his brash personality..the two don't seem to annoy th  rest as much when they appear.
  • Toni walker: Toni walker is a new member of mystery inc, She's infact one of th past villains who tried to protect her father's fortune from the gang when she thought they'd steal it later she joined the gang that day with scooby dum

​Recurring charactersEdit

  • The hex girls: A gang of singers the hex girls are mostly known for their dark performances and are best fit for their songs.


  • Snow Ghost
  • Headless spectre
  • Tar-monster
  • The Phantom
  • Puppetmaster
  • Charlie the robot
  • The creeper
  • The mummy
  • 10,000 volt ghost
  • Ghost of captain cutler
  •  Wolfman
  • Elias Kingston: The ghost of elias kingston is one to be afraid of, He has cursed many who didn't give him the treasure.
  • Psychic ghost: A ghost of fear itself, This spooky ghost is infact a famous therapist who wanted to test the fears of all.
  • Mirror phantom: A believed girl who was lost in a mirror, She's infact many female tourist who wanted to find the gold their castle held.


As of now this story takes place in its own, This series will include different aspects of the others( Scooby doo where are you?, The scooby doo show.)

All of the characters retain aspects from other appearances, Such as shaggy fred and daphne's appearances, Despite this it has many references to MANY things.

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