Scooby doo and the gang where at the milk shop and then there were reading a newspaper about some strange attacks about a Bigfoot like creature lurkin in the bayou Fred and the gang went to go check it out but before they were in the mystery machine scooby caut and eye of course it was A man with a huge golden Hooke for a arm and he warned the gang about the bayou he said his family vanish in thin air so Fred said sorry but that's not going to stop us so they drove of and some how Bigfoot came running crazy in the street Fred stop really fast and bigfoot howl and soo the gang drive of but they found a clue in front of the van and scooby and shaggy saw a restraunt and then when they went in they saw a man bringing in a dead bunny killed bye bigfoot but out of the ordinary shaggy got capture will the gang rescue shaggy in time or will Bigfoot get away with and scooby can't deal with it or will the gang failed of strying to save shaggy or the mystery inc well failed on this one

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