this a tv series with a lot of vimpires.

season 1
episode villian(s) date
Vims vimpares Feb.2nd,2014
In the Attic one eyed vimpire creature Feb.2nd,2014
Woods at Dawn real vimpare Feb.9th,2014
Wax Fear wax vimpare and wovles Feb.16th,2014
Cars p1 vimpare race cars Mar.2nd,2014
Cars p2 vimpare race cars Mar.3rd,2014
Beware the Bat human size vimpare bat Mar.9th,2014
 Upgrade vimpare from a game Mar.16th,2014
Flowers and Thorns vimpare and vimpare bride Mar.30th,2014
Rise of Scappy cyborg vimpare  Jun.6th,2014
The gang in Scooby-Doo’s Jumbo Pack

vimpares! zionks!

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