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Halloween X- The Beginning is about a young child name Michael Myers, who becomes crazy one night killing his family members except for one person. Michael then goes to a Physchiatric Asylum to aid him to people to function again. The person who helps aid him is a brilliant doctor. After a night or two there Michael kills one of the guards, and ends up happen to stay there. Michael then ecsapes the Asylum in search for the last relative he haves. In attempt to find his relative, he kills everyone who gets in his path and tries to stop him. He then finds laurie and her brother detective myers that is working for the police department and on halloween michael myers come out on halloween killing our friends to get to us but i tried to shoot him but i told chris l " take her i descract him from both of you and he  stabbes me in the stomach and i fainted and laurie and chris l came over and laurie did the himlic remover and i woke up and laurie hugs me and she said "are u alright" and i said " I am alright " and michael come up behind chris l and stabbes him in the back two times and he falls down dead in front of us and i shoot him 10 and he falls down dead we think he's dead and michael's behind us and we got up and ran to the nearest bathroom so i she help me with my wound and we ran to gas station to final a gastank and we got a car and and laurie got hold on the wheel and i shot the gastank and i killed michael with a a gastank And then the next day reporter taked to up about how we survive michael myers and i said we survive by i sht a gastank that is how i killed michael and she saide that how detective myers save me and the reporter and that is good and then the scooby doo gang shows up and say hi ti us.  Halloween is based of the characters based off of John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Halloween X- The Beginning is a fan made film, its not being used for sale, but only for entertainment. The movie would be out possibly next year towards Halloween after the script is finally done and its filmed; edited. 

Writer, Director, Editor- Richard Couch


Richard Couch as Michael Myers, Reporter

Anthony Rogers as Detective Myers

Chris L as

Greg L  as Homeless man

amber couch as Laurie strode 

scooby doo

shaggy rogers

fred jones

daphne blake 

velma dinkley


amber couch as laurie strode/angel myers

anthony rogers as detective myers

richard couch as michael myers

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