scooby doo would tourEdit

scooby doo world tour is another series starring the gang. In it, at the beginning, we see the gang have been split up for 2 weeks. Scooby and shaggy are still tohether and head off to the shops to buy a box of scooby snacks. When they open it, instead of the usual shower of treats, they get a little piece of paper, saying they have brought the 1'000'000th box of scooby snacks and that they have won themselv's and 4 friends a trip around the world! shaggy immidiatl phones, Fred, Daphne and Velma and invites them on the tour. and so begun the new series.


There have been a total of 33 episodes in 2 seasons, each with season 1 has 17, season 2 has 16 episodes.


season 1

1) coolsville

2) alaska

3) grand canyon

4) the rockies

5) Las vegas

6) Dallas

7) oil mines

8) area 51

9) new york

10) mexico

11) rio de janiro

12) the amazon

13) hawaii

14) easter island

15) machu pichu

16) salt flats

17) pyramids

season 2

1) riviera

2) paris

3) London

4) loch ness

5) Iceland

6) ice hotel

7) india

8) dubai

9) russian railway

10) temple

11) great wall

12) mt. fuji

13) tokyo

14) uluru

15) sydney

16) cruise

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