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Season 1Edit

# Title Premise Villain Chase Song Writer
1 A Witchy Beginning: Haunting at the Castle While Mystery Inc. continues to solve mysteries all over the globe, Scrappy-Doo meets four young fans of his uncle's gang. However, when a mysterious witch starts haunting the old Forrest Castle Museum, the five must form their own branch of Mystery Inc. and solve the mystery before the museum to forced to close. The Witch of Forrest Castle TBA Carebearheart
2 Playground Psychosis Hoping to have a normal first playdate together, Scrappy and Debbie only get into trouble with teenage bullies after Scrappy confronts them for tormenting Debbie. Dylan Hall and her friends N/A Carebearheart
3 The Balld of Yabba-Doo Debbie gets a gigantic package from Scrappy, with a letter describing how he along with Scooby-Doo's brother, Yabba and Deputy Dusty caught the case of two sneaky crimal sisters in Tumbleweed Country. Rosamund Sisters N/A Carebearheart
4 Eye Troubles

While staying at a

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