This is about the Solve That Mystery Scooby Doo! incarnation of Scrappy-Doo.
(Solve That Mystery Scooby Doo!)
Scrappy STMSD

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Brown and Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation None
Affiliation Scrappy-Doo's School
Family *Ruby-Doo (mother)
Played By Frank Welker

Scrappy-Doo is the nephew of Scooby-Doo. He was once a member of Mystery Inc. for a little bit but left as he had to start school.

Early LifeEdit

Scrappy was born at St. Bernard's Hospital and grew up with his uncle. He then had to start school and left the gang.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Scrappy is a Great-Dane puppy and takes the same sort of look as his uncle. He wears the blue family Doo collar with SD written in the middle.


Scrappy is a kind little energetic puppy. He loves his uncle Scooby very much and loves to have a scrap with ghosts.


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