This is the episode guide for Season 1 of The Newest Scooby-Doo! Movies

1.Mission Impossible Guest Star: Kim Possible Villain: Shego and Drakken

2.The ComicCon Caper Guest Star: Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Batman and Robin Villain: Penguin and Lowbrow

3.Route 66 Scares Guest Star: Billy Ray Cyrus Villain: The Ghostly Biker Gang

4.Cabin Fever Guest Star: Harlem Globetrotters Villain: Giant Spider and Giant Millipede

5.Backstage Badness Guest Star: Justin Bieber Villain: The Masked Kidnapper

6.Downhill Guest Star: Shaun White Villain: Ice Hound Creature

7.Hive of the Bebes Guest Star: Kim Possible Villain: Bebes

8.Scooby Scores Guest Star: David Becham and Abbey Wambauch Villain: Monstrous Mascot

9.The Demon Cat of Wimbledon Guest Star: Venus and Serina Williams Villain: Demon Cat

10.Get a Clue! Guest Star: Nancy Drew Villain: The Organ Player

11.Fashion Victim Guest Star: Keke Palmer Villain: Skeletal Mannequins

12.The Hawk Soars! Guest Star: Tony Hawk Villain: The Giant Hawk

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