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Shack Ghost
Shack ghost

Character Info Edit

Identity Candy Crevane
Motive To capture the Fish Creature
Appearances Of Ghosts And Gills
Type Ghost
Location Montauk shack

The Shack Ghost was a ghost who was Candy Crevane. It appeared at the old shack.

Physical appearanceEdit

The ghost is rather simple, looking like no more than a lump with a white sheet over its head.


The ghost acts rather haunting and tries to be scary.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

It can seemingly hover a bit in the air, but it was just a wire.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

The Shack Ghost only appeared around the shack. It tried to scare the Fish Creature away because it was actually Candy Crevane, who was a detective. (Of Ghosts And Gills)


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