Shaggy Rogers (Terror Planet)
Shaggy Rogers Terror Planet
Biological Information
Species Human
Hair Colour Ginger-Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Relatives Paula Rogers (Mother),

Colton Rogers (Father), Scooby-Doo (Pet Dog)

Age 20
General Information
Occupation Mystery Solver
Affiliation Mystery Incorporated
First Appearance Chapter 1: The New World

Shaggy Norvel Roberts was one of four sleuths who solved mysteries in Crystal Cove. His pet dog, Scooby-Doo was a member too.

Biography Edit

When his pet dog, Scooby was snatched from him in the middle of the night, Shaggy went in search of the rest of Mystery Inc. and told them what happened. Later he became depressed, probably realising that Scooby wouldn't come back. He agreed to act as bait in Fred's house so that he could be captured like Scooby. He was the first to be zapped away from reality and shouted "Zoinks!" when he realised he was on another planet. (TPO: Chapter 1: The New World)

Personality Edit

Shaggy is practically a coward, but for good reason as he faces the most terrifying monsters yet. He's fond of his pet dog Scooby, and would never go anywhere without him. He has also developed a crush on Velma, who doesn't know about it yet.

Physical Appearance Edit

List of Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

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