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Note: Please don't edit this page except the creator of it. This page is only about The All-New Scooby-Doo Show incarnation of Shaggy Rogers.

Shaggy Rogers
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Eye Color Blueish-Green
Hair Color Dusty-Brown
Birthday February 24th
Homeworld Earth

Daphne Blake
Vincent Van Ghoul

Enemies Weerd and Bogel

Mr. Rogers (father)
Mrs. Rogers (mother)

Spouse(s) Daphne Blake (possible spouse)
Siblings Sugie (younger sister;
mentioned only)

Maggie (older sister;
mentioned only)

Pet(s) Scooby-Doo

Wilfred (brother-in-law;
mentioned only)
Fearless Shagaford (uncle;
mentioned only)
Gaggy Rogers (Uncle;
mentioned only)

Production Information
Voiced by Billy West

Shaggy Rogers is a main protagonist from The All-New Scooby-Doo Show.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He usually wears a green V-neck shirt, brown bell-bottom pants, and black platforms. He also has a goatee on his chin.


Shaggy is mostly in his original personality but was altered a bit to be smarter, not cowardly and serious.


  • He can play the guitar and knows how to play Chinese Checkers.
  • This incarnation of Shaggy is smarter and serious.
  • In this incarnation, Norville is Shaggy's middle name instead of his real fist name with Shaggy being his first real name.
  • Billy West who voiced Shaggy in Zombi Island would of voiced this incarnation of Shaggy.
  • Most of his relatives from previous spin-offs are only mentioned in this incarnation.

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