Chapter 2: Ghosts in the Bedroom

Scooby nervously approached Shaggy's bedroom and opened the door. The bedroom had a bed, some posters on the wall, toys in a wooden chest, shoes next to the bed, and a closet full of clothes and other stuff. Scooby walked into the now dark bedroom of his best friend, and looked around. Everything looked scarier in the dark for Scooby; he couldn't tell what objects were what in the dark. Scooby whined with concern and fright.

"There's no such things as ghosts... There's no such things as ghosts..." Scooby told himself as he looked around the bedroom that might have made the sound from before. Scooby found nothing but a normal bedroom. Suddenly, the wind blew a tree branch, making the spooky sound.

"What was that?!" Scooby said, looking around in fright. Soon, Scooby saw the tree branch and sighed in relief. It was just a tree branch. There was no such things as ghosts. Then, thunder roared, and lightening flashed! The lightening along with the thunder and wind made Scooby-Doo jump!

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