Skip Jones

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Black
Affiliation Joneses
Family Peggy Jones (wife)
Fred Jones (son)
Played By Tim Conway

Skip Jones is the husband of Peggy Jones and father of Fred Jones.

Physical appearanceEdit

Even considering familal similarity, Skip Jones bears an uncanny resemblance to a middle-aged, heavier version of Fred. He has blond hair, a large build and almost precisely the same facial features, although his hair is beginning to recede.


Skip Jones is the affable yet slightly absent-minded father of Fred Jones. He seems extremely close to Fred and very devoted to his wife Peggy. He is extremely easy-going but appears to have a short attention span.



  • He is terrible at directions. As Fred recalls, his father gets lost even trying to find his own bathroom.
  • Skip and Fred have a warm yet elaborate "high five" greeting ritual, more in the vein of two frat brothers greeting each other (than a father and son).
  • Skip compliments his son on the elaborate ghost trap Fred constructs, hinting that this is a family tradition.

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