Spanish Specter

Character Info Edit

Identity Robert Dinkley
Motive To stop FC Barcelona from coming to Madrid
Appearances The Spanish Specter
Type Ghost
Location Bullfighting Arena

The Spanish Specter was the disguise of Robert Dinkley. He was a ghost of a bullfighter.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Spanish Specter looks to be a normal bullfighter, but his face is very creepy and monstrous.


The Spanish Specter gets very angry with bullfighters and is nearly always monstrous.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

He can ride a bull very expertly (which was actually a robot).


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

The bullfighter scared everyone away from the bullfighting arena. He started tearing up grass at the Bernabeu Stadium, but did not tear up enough. He was captured and found to be Robert Dinkley. (The Spanish Specter)



"Who dares run from the Spanish Specter?"

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