Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair white
Eyes Lightblue
Occupation Cyborg guide
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Family Professor Dudely Dinkley (creator)
Played By {{{played by}}}

Suri or the Superior Updated Researh Intelligence bot is an informational cyborg created by Thelma's uncle, Prof. Dudely, for the purpose to help the Mystery Inc..

Physical AppearanceEdit


Suri was created to be an intelligent, adaptable cyborg that the gang can seek gudiance if they are stuck on something. Shaggy refers her as a "Walking encyopedia".


Suri has an incredible amount of knowledge and unlike Velma who use her smarts for books and helping the others trap the monsters, Suri only for informational purposes. Soemtimes if she is in danger, Suri can adapt military skills.

Family & RelativesEdit

  • Dudley Dinkley, Thelma's uncle and Suri's creator; he is the robotics professeor at Coolsville University.


  • Suri is the first non living being to be part of the Mystrey Inc.

Actresses portraying SuriEdit

Romantic InterestsEdit

Memorable catchphrasesEdit

"My purpose is to observe and report."

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