Here is a list of episodes in The Brand New Scooby-Doo Movies.

Season 1Edit

# Episode Guest star(s) Villain(s) Premise Air date
1 Don’t Fool with a Ph-Ph-Phantom Laurel and Hardy Phantoms Two phantoms haunt the gang on a dark and stormy night. September 6th, 2014
2 Driving me Batty Kirby Demon Bat A bat creature haunts Bat Hotel. September 13th, 2014
3 Curse of the Winter House Barack Obama Ape Man The gang meets President Obama and they try to solve a mystery at the Winter House. September 20th, 2014
4 A Phantom in the Forest Decca03 Phantom and dryad The gang finds their good buddy Decca03 at an abandon forest. Decca03 has been writing a script for a new movie titled: Attack of the Dryad. But he has received a threatening note telling him to stop writing the script and put the pages on a tree or face the wrath of the Phantom! September 27th, 2014

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