TNMIA is an American animated series produced by Warner Bros. Animation. 


  • Scooby Doo (Voiced By Frank Welker) - The title character and the mascot of Mystery Inc.
  • Shaggy (Voiced By Matthew Lillard) - The best friend and owner of Scooby.
  • Velma - The nerd of Mystery Inc.
  • Daphne - The fashion loving member of Mystery Inc.
  • Fred - The leader of Mystery Inc.
  • Tom & Jerry - The new pets of Shaggy as thy have learnt to live as friends.
  • Bugs - The new pet of Shaggy and the most clever member.
  • Daffy - The Comedy member but Velma hates the duck.
  • Scrappy - The old member.
  • Scooby Dum - Another new member.


Season 1Edit

  1. Newest Members - When Shaggy & Scooby brought some new members all of them hve to prove by solving by a mystery.
  2. Ghost or Clown - A ghost of a clown who had died shows up and started joking on everybod harmfully.
  3. Franky - A real Frankenstein has shown up and the suspect is an innocent man named Franky but the animal friends got to prove it.
  4. The Return of Black Knight - Black Knight returned but the real one is in jail then who is the another?
  5. Christmas Time Part 1 - Scooby, Tom, Jerry, Bugs, Daffy & Shaggy goes to save the Christmas from an evil snowman preventing mysteries for twelve days.
  6. Christmas Time Part 2 - The snowman kidnaps Fred, Velma, Daphne and Scooby Dum and Scrappy and the evil Grinch who is fake is behind it. Later, it was known Butch the cat, Yosemite Sam and the original Pterodactyl ghost were doing it.

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