The 1st episode is an hour and 20 minutes and the rest of them are forty minutes.

# Title Premise Airdate Word Count Writer
25 The Haunting of Smurf Village The gang finds themselves in Smurf Village, and they soon meet the Smurfs, and a wild goblin appears! September 7, 2018 cartoon crossovers {{}}
26 Scooby, Bugs and Daffy Bugs and Daffy got lost in a maze and end up in a town. The gang of 5 comes and they need the help of Bugs and Daffy to stop the Luna Ghost. September 8, 2018 ACME trouble {{}}
27 The Town of the Abominable Snow Monster Guest Star, Elijah Wood finds himself on a village atop a snowy mountain selling yaks. Scooby and the gang come and meet Elijah, but an Abominable Snow Monster begins stealing the yaks! September 9, 2018 Staying warm {{}}
28 The Walking Cactus Caper Rocky and Bullwinkle are in the desert, searching for ice cold water. So is the gang of 5. They meet 1 another but they have to solve a mystery about a walking cactus! September 10, 2018 TBA {{}} Cooling Down 29 Scooby-Doo meets Will Smith and Jack Black The gang of 5 gets on an abandon boat to a peculiar island, where they find guest stars, Will Smith and Jack Black. The 2 of them were on a boat and they ended up on the island as well, and a ghost shark haunts the surrounding seas. September 11, 2018 Finding shelter {{}}

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