When scooby and the gang go to a water park they soon discover tourists are being scared away by the dark distroyer

it was a rainy day and the gang were on their way to willams wacky water park

fred its nice to have a break from solving mysteries

shaggy yeah like away from all those villans

??? Hello mystery inc

daphine who said that

??? Im sorry allow me in introduce myself im owen and i must say its an honor to meet you

velma nice to meet you too but where are you

owen was a human who wore a black shirt under a red silky jumper he also had green jeans on

fred how did you get in here owen?

owen i snuck in while you were loading up and ive allways wondered whats it like investgating mysteries

fred well i guess you can join the gang

owen thanks fred

fred your welcome now allow me to introduce our pet scooby doo

scooby rello there rwen its a pleasure to meet you

just then the gang arrive at the water park

fred seven tickets to the water park please

booth master you should't have come here

the gang go to find a parking place

owen wonder why the booth master said that

just then a ghostly knight appered

knight keep away from the water park or be doomed

shaggy zonks like who is he

he pointed a shaky finger to the ledge where the ghost appered

owen step on it fred

fred quickly drove into the parking space

velma jinkes who was that

shaggy like i dont know but he looked scary

daphine lets see if we can find anyone

they go to an information desk

owen rings the bell

mr willows yes what is it

velma hi we are mystery inc and we were wondering if we can use the water park to go on the rides

mr willows im sorry but its closed

owen closed why

mr willows the dark distroyer

shaggy glup the dark distroyer

mr willows yes let me tell you a bit about him

mr willows it was 2001 when the park first opened a lot of tourists arrived and went to a haunted house that was rumoured to be the house of sir leo de gloo and its also romoured that whoever goes in never comes out

fred gang lets split up and look for clues owen you and scooby see if you can find anything near that haunted house me and velma will check around the rides

owen ok fred

owen and scooby go near the haunted house

owen come on scoob lets see if we can find anything inside

scooby doo rwen rook

he pointed to some deep footprints

owen hmmm thats strange lets check it out scooby lead the way

scooby and owen follow the footprints to find a old house

owen ill check it out scooby ill call u if i need u

scooby ok

owen finds a knights costume in a closet

owen what this doing here

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