The New Mystery is a new series based around Scooby Doo. This show takes place in an unknown timeline with things alot more "slowed".

Before :
The New Mystery


The scooby Doo gang were all around during the 90s instead of current time. Because  of this the gang grew up and let the next generation take over-Their kids!. Alicia Hart is the new girl at Coolsville High from another school. She dreams of being a great detective like her father Fred Jones. Though instead she ends up with her new gang of friends having all sorts of FUN.

With a dog, a rich bff,  a new love, and a new helper, she decides to start the new Quest Inc to become the "supreme" detective!


  1. Ghoulsville: The gang meet each other and head to a new park haunted by the dead owner.
  2. The man in Dark clothing: strange teens have been dissapearing due to sightings of a shadow person.


Characters will bear certain resemblance to others. (NOTE: their are two dogs.)

  • Alicia Hart: The leader and the main character. She wants to be the best detective their is. Though everybody else is on the ride to see just how fun this'll be.
  • Baxter Brand: The smartest and a computer hacker. He is Alicia's love interest.
  • Toni Walker(recycled): The rich girl and apart of the Walker fortune. She adores fashion, swimming, and alot of other fun activities. Her acrobatics make her quite nice..
  • Marcus Lane: The guy who drives the car, And the owner of the new Mystery Machine. Marcus has a love for sports.
  • Scrappy Doo: Scrappy Doo is Alicia's pet and the usually funny, tough, and sometimes smart member of the group. He's grown a bit more to being normal.

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