Fred - I heard there are monsters who are attacking people. Lets solve the mystery !

Shaggy - Noooooo  !!!!!!!!!!

Scrappy - Had you forgotted me ?

Daphne - So you were behind all this.

Scrappy - Bye ! Enough taking !

Velma - Hmmm !

Shaggy - Enough talking !? But he has just come and gone, it does not even takes minutes to do this.

Velma - Lets go find clues. 

Scooby - I rhink you are relling me to sniff rout clues, right ?

All - Excellent ! 

Scooby - Ro ! I will rever do rhat !

Velma - Even if i gave you a scooby snack ?

Scooby - Of rourse !

Velma - But wait a second, let me do a research.

Shaggy - Let us do research for food Scooby !

Scooby - Reah !

Fruitmeir - Hello, Shaggy, my regular customer, how are you ? What do you want ?

Shaggy - The ICE CREAM, YOGURT, BURGER that is bigger than the world with all tasty flavours !

Fruitmeir - That will take many -

Shaggy - Hey there is the gang ! Start making ! We will come back soon !

Fred - Velma says that these monsters are monsters of not this timeline !

Velma - We have to find a footprint of the monster first !

Scooby - I can smell romething !

Shaggy - Lets dig up here !

Later . . . .  . 

Velma -  The history of time travelling !

Sheriff - Do not intefere into this !



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