These are the episodes for To the Future, Scooby-Doo!.

Episode guideEdit

Season 1Edit

# Episode title Plot Villain Culprit(s)
1 "Future Shock" After an accident with Prof. Dudely's new time machine, the Mystrey Inc. and their new ally, Suri, are sent to Neo Coolsville 3014 where they are soon embroil in the mystrey of a renegade bot that is damaging an institute. The Renegade Robot Robot terminated
2 "Hard Lessons at Horror Academy" Trying to find a way back home, the gang mistakenly are enlisted by a engineer to investigate an haunted engineer school. Mrs. Cradbee's Ghost and the Hall Montior Bots Lula Sherold; Robots defeated
3 "To the Past We Go, Scooby-Doo!" Beleiving the time machine works, the gang is suddenly shock when a recent incrident brings back a frightening Caveman creature out for revenge. The Caveman Phantom Dr. Kranston
4 "We All Scream for the Ice Cream Manster" Shaggy and Scooby are estatic that there is an Ice Cream museum only to find it is hunted from a ice cream guy-like ghost known as the Ice Cream Manster. The Ice Cream Manster Bobby Inger
5 "Fool Me Once, Don't Ghoul Me Again" The crew leads to a silver mine only to be in shock that it is being terrorize by a silver-tail creature. Silvertail Mr. Yusef
6 "Don't Mess With Suri" Daphne beleives a futuristic miltiary campground could hold key to their return to their present only to run in with the ghost that is protecting the campground. Meanwhile, Suri gets a upgrade. Ghost of General Hawkeye Pvt. Will Dekker
7 "A Scary Foe Under the Rainbow" The Mystey Inc. gang helped an nearly retired CEO of a color-supply company only to see it as hunted by the Prism Ghost. However, things get colorful when the ghost sprays them with glowing paint that could be cursed. The Prism Ghost Reginald Quinn
8 "Oh No, It's Mesmerio" A entertaining show leads the gang to the encounter of the rampaging hypnotic monster, Mesmerio. Things get really dangerous when Daphne is hypnotized to stop her friends. Mesmerio Ruby (android)
9 "Crash Alert" Fred think he has a new way home by installing a new piece on Mystrey Time Machine, but it only leads to more danger when an evil dummy bot wants to take the MTM on a joyride. The Dummy Bot Robot defeated
10 "Who's Going to Be A Million-Scare?" The ghost of a haunted millionare inspires a writer to write about the man's life, but when the gang joins in to exlpre Hart Mansion, it leads them face to face with Hart's unwelcoming ghost. Ghost of Alistar Hart Lesslie Hart-Woodland
11 "Ship It, Ship It Good" The gang are surprised to see a Pirate ship artifact nearby the docks, but it only bring them into more trouble when the ship moves and they are not alone. Captain Whago's Ghost Drake
12 "Styx and Stones" The gang face against Skull creatures while Suri leads them to a treasure map. The Styx Monsters Zekiel and Aero Meyer
13 "Peace, Love, and Ro-Oh!" Shaggy and Scooby gets lost and finds themselves face to face against Madame No, a whismical creature who sends them to embark on their deepest desires. Madame No Robot defeated
14 "What a Ride for the Ghost of Nye" The gang are near to find their way home, but things lead to trouble when another mystery have them to stop the appearance of a Viking ghost. The Ghost of Nye Ollie Peppersmith
15 "Fright Knight of Nights" The gang is shock that there is a musuem that is named after them, but it leads to trouble when they get trap in the musuem and that someone has recreated their first monster they every caught. Fright Knight Robot defeated; Dr. Wilks (controller)
16 "Can You Fear Me Now?" The Scarebeast forces the gang to embrace their darkest fears. In order to stop the Scarebeast, they half to understand what they are really afraid of and hope. The Scarebeast Trixie

Season 2Edit

# Episode title Plot Villain Culprit(s)
17 "Once Upon A Mime" After thinking they finally found their way home, the gang are shocked to realize that the one item that can restore the machine is stolen by the Mime ghost. The Mime Ghost Magic Monty
18 "Will the Show Go On For Those Nasty Gnomes" A haunted show lures the gang to probe the mystery of why the show has not been successful. However, they soon find out that small creatures are the reason and will froce them to stay or go. The Nasty Gnomes Neil Larks
19 "The Monster Bird and the Crazy Nerd" The gang heads out of the city to find out that a small town is being haunted by a monster and Velma is convinced she could find a way to help them. The Pueblo Bird Monster Elder Asubla
20 "No Smiling Around" A mouth-liked monsterr known as Smilester is causing everyone to smile nonstop. When Fred and Velma get infected, Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby, and Suri half to stop the creature and restore the victims. Smilester Hank Harryton
21 "Leave My Clone Alone" The gang are stunned when a mirror bot clones them and frames them for crimes they didn't committ. Mirror bot and the Mystrey Inc. clones Robots defeated
22 "Psychic Eye to the Scary Guy" Shaggy is suddenly afraid if he heads back home, his future could changed so in order to clear his mind he and the others seek out an medium only it leads them to a phantom. Vick Vark aka the Psychic Phantom Penelope Pripe
23 "Dog Day After Gloom" After a messy incident, the gang is shocked Scooby haven't been groomed. However, when they take him to a special grooming place, it is haunted by a Dogbot creature. Gloom Dogbot Robot defeated; Ricky (controller)
24 "It's Super Scooby!" A special potion is accidentally pour to Scooby Snacks when Scooby takes some and becomes a superpowered dog. His powers could come to use when Neo Coolsville is getting invaded by a mad robot scientist. Dr. Electrobot Dr. Mercer (controller)
25 "Cheaper by the Ghoul Reaper" The gang helps out a innkeeper to help stop and clear out a elusive ghost known as the Ghoul Reaper. The Ghoul Reaper Captain Pontgrew
26 "A Scooby is Born" Scooby and Daphne are suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious being who uses them to act out a movie only to find out it is being terrorized by a venegful ghost of a former actress. Fred, Shaggy, Velma, and Suri must save them and stop the ghost. Ghost of Diva Deena Xanta Jerkins
27 "Futuristic Fright in Old Route 66" Fred tests a repaired Mystery Time Machine, yet the machines gets stolen along with other cars. The gang track the whereabouts of the machine to a rundown section of Old Route 66 which is being stalked by a hog creature. The Road Hog Officer Rogugh
28 "Something About Suri" Suri's programming is turned by a mysterious object which forces her to use her adaptaing skills and military skills to try and stop the Scooby and the gang. Evil Suri Dr. Starr
29 "Bad Hare Day" The gang exlpre a former magician camp where its being haunted by a dangerous magician and a hare bot that will use its magic to destroy anything in its path. The Mad Magician and the Hare bot Robots defeated
30 "What a Fair for a Scare" Shaggy and Scooby convince the gang to go to this interesting cyber fair, but just as they enjoy the games; a ghoulish being known as the Creap Clown will do its best to give them a day they will never forget. The Creap Clown Carlton
31 "Beware of the Witchy Witch" An future family memeber of Daphne's leads them to a rare Blake residence where the Blake line is being haunted by a former witch from the Salem Witch Trials who promsied she get revenge and curse every Blake member. Daphne is convicned she is cursed along with her future kin, but the others will try to prove it is a fake. "Withcy Witch" aka The Ghost of Odeina Elena Odeina
32 "Me, You, and Scooby-Who?" Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy are atttacked by an swarm of eraser bots forcing them to lose their memories. Scooby and Suri escaped, but have to find a way to bring back the others' memories and defeat the bots. Eraser Bots Robots defeated

Season 3Edit

# Episode title Plot Villain Culprit(s)
33 "Home Away, Far Away" Scooby and Suri are lost in a maze. While trying to get out, they are attacked by a mysterious shadowy figure. He captures them and tells them that they can only escape by entering a secret password. Mysterious Shadowy Figure John Sludge
34 "The Trick Is On You" TBA TBA TBA
35 "Scooby vs. the Robo-Dragon" TBA TBA TBA
36 "Be Cool, Don't Act a Fool" TBA TBA TBA
37 "When the World Goes Around and Around" TBA TBA TBA
38 "Return of Super Scooby" TBA TBA TBA
39 "Dancing with the Starghoul" TBA TBA TBA
40 "What If, Zoinks!" TBA TBA TBA
41 "Garbage Day of Fright" TBA TBA TBA
42 "There is a Doo Out There" TBA TBA TBA
43 "Mean Dreams" TBA TBA TBA
44 "Monster of Global Porportions" TBA TBA TBA
45 "Storybook Creepers" TBA TBA TBA
46 "Sense In, Sense Out" TBA TBA TBA
47 "Goodbye Future, Hello...Chaos (1)" TBA TBA TBA
48 "Goodbye Future, Hello...Chaos (2)" TBA TBA TBA

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