NO LONGER ACCURATE Recently I, K9Rules, confirmed a crossover between Scooby Doo and Doctor Who, called Scooby Who!

Here are some hints for the opener:

- "But Fred, there from a TV show!" said Daphne. "Yeah, why should we trust characters from Doctor Who?" said Shaggy

- "Doctor, isn't that Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo?" said Clara. "What the-" said the doctor

- "Exterminate!" said a Dalek. "Everything is falling into place!" said Miner 49er

And a Secret that will need to be decoded - "вАИТ А МИНУТЕ, мИНЕР 49ЕР ИСН'Т хАНК ТХИС ТИМЕ!" САИД сХАГГЫ. "оФ ЦОУРСЕ и'М НОТ хАНК!" САИД ----"

If you don't know how to decode the secret and you desperately want to know comment and I will message you.

K9Rules (talk) 06:10, October 7, 2015 (UTC)

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