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  • Googleybear

    Song quote.

    Anyhoo, my summer holiday begins tomorrow as I finish school.... which means over the coming weeks, I'm going to be a heck more active. Yippee. :D

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  • Googleybear

    Yesterday was the first anniversary of this wiki! Thanks to everyone who has kept it going! :)

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  • Googleybear

    I know there isn't a Scooby-Doo! character creator yet, but I've found some creators which could be used, if you're struggling to make images for your character articles.




    If you find anymore which you think are suitable, then let me know and I'll check them out.

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  • Googleybear

    Whee! A new feature!

    February 17, 2012 by Googleybear

    I just created a new feature which can be used on talk pages. I call them Speech Boxes.

    I intend to replace having lines and lines of boring black text in the same font on talk pages. ONE, because it looks ugly and boring, and TWO, It's confusing. I created one for myself to show you guys and tell me what you think.

    All I type in is:

    It features an image, your name, a signature and the text. I also made my font Century Gothic. I'm going to be using this when I talk on talk pages from now on and I want to know if you will be?

    If you would like one you can request me to make you one.

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  • Googleybear

    Hi guys, it's me, Googleybear.

    To start this blog off, I have one thing to say... When I made this wiki back in August 2011 I really doubted that it would attract an audience and I thought it would be inactive within a week. But no. You guys came along and started working hard. So thanks guys for editing and sharing your fanon.

    I am kinda busy with school at the moment but I'll be sure to return and carry on with The Scooby Doo Adventures. I have some awesome ideas. Now we need to get some community spirit, so feel free to make blogs so you can chat with everyone.

    Peace Out!


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